About Us

The Having a Baby in Queensland website was developed by the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies, an independent research centre based at The University of Queensland and funded by the Queensland Government. The Centre’s role is to work towards consumer-focused maternity care that is integrated, evidence-based and provides optimal choices for women in Queensland.

The people responsible for the development of this website are listed below. We are a group of researchers in Brisbane, and we are passionate about doing work to improve maternity care, so it better meets the needs and preferences of all women in Queensland. We are committed to supporting women and their families throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, and soon after birth, by providing good quality information about maternity care. We don’t favour one maternity care option over another. Our goal is to offer women unbiased information about care options, and we support every woman to make decisions based on her own wants and needs.

To contact a member of the team, click on the names below or go to the Contact Us page to send us a message.